La Représentation dans tous ses états

Cycle de conférence LAGAPE Automne 2017

11 October 2017, 17h30-19h, Room 2224

Michael Saward (University of Warwick): Representative Claims: Developments and Challenges

– Discussant : Dimitri Courant (UNIL & Paris 8)

25 October 2017, 17h30-19h, Room 2224

Eckhard Schröter (Zeppelin Universität): Debating Representative Bureaucracy: Critical Review of Findings and an Agenda for Future Research

– Discussant : Fanny Badache (UNIL-LAGAPE)

20 November 2017, 12h-13h15, vidéo-conférence

Heloïse Nez (Université de Tours):“They don’t represent us”? The Indignados relationship to representation

– Discussant : Selim Smaoui (UNIL-CRAPUL) – to be confirmed

1 December 2017, journée, Room  2208

Workshop:Gouvernance multiniveaux: Etat de la littérature, développement théorique et applications

5 December 2017, 17h30-19h, Room 2224

David Farell (UCD Geary Institute): The Challenge of Deliberating on a Hot Topic in the Headlights: The Irish Citizens’ Assembly’s Deliberations on Abortion in 2017

– Discussant : Julien Talpin (CERAPS) – to be confirmed

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